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Privacy Notice / Copyright

Exclusion of Liability

1. Content of the Online Offer
The author does not guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Claims of liability against the author which are applying to physical or intellectual damages, caused by using or non-using of the provided information or by using of imperfect and uncomplete information, are basically excluded, as far as the author cannot be accused of negligence or intention. All offers are free and without obligation. The author reserves for himself to change, complete, erase parts of the pages or the complete offer without special announcement or to abandon publication part-time or definitely

2. References and Links
For direct or indirect references on other websides ("hyperlinks"), which are outside the author's responsibility, liability would come into effect, if the author has knowledge of these contents and he had the technical ability and could be expected to prevent the use in case of illegal contents. Here, the author emphasizes particularly that at the time of setting the link no illegal contents could be recognized on the websides to be linked. The author has no influence on topical and future layouts, contents and origin of the linked webpages. Therefore, he distances himself hereby particularly from all contents of linked pages, which have been modified after setting the link. This remark is valid for all links and references within the own internet offer as well as for foreign remarks into guestbooks, discussion platforms and mailing lists installed by the author. The supplier of the linked page is liable for illegal, imperfect or uncomplete contents as well as for harms caused by using or non-using of such offerd information. The author merely refers by links to these publications and is not liable to the above mentioned.

3. Copyright Law and Brand
The author makes efforts to follow copyright instructions of the used graphics, tape recordings, video sequences and text, to use his own graphics, tape recordings, video sequences and text or to fall back on non-licensed graphics, tape recordings, video sequences and text. All trademarks mentioned within the internet offer and possibly registered by third parties are subject to the regulations of the valid copyright laws and the possession laws of the registered owners. Not because of the very naming it cannot be drawn the conclusion that brandmarks are not protected by regulations of third parties! The copyright of the author's objects, made by himself and published, is kept by the author of the pages. Duplication or use of such graphics, tape recordings, video sequences and text in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without explicit given consent by the author.

4. Data Protection
Any occasional input of personal or business data (emailaddresses, names, addresses) within the internet offer is subject to explicit voluntarily exposure of the user. Utilization and payment of all offered services is - as far as technical possible and reasonable - permitted also without giving of such data resp. by giving of anonymous data or a pseudonym. Not permitted is the use of contact data like postal address, telephone and fax numbers as well as email addresses published within the context of imprints or comparable statements by third parties for the dispatch of information which are not particularly requested. Legal measures against senders of so-called spam-mails by violating this rule are explicitly reserved.

5. Validity of this Exclusion of Liability
This exclusion of liability is regarded as part of the internet offer which was referring to this page. If parts or formulations of this text should not or not completely be in accordance to valid legal positions, the other parts of the document remain untouched in their content and validity.

6. Copyright:
All rights reserved. Text, pictures, graphics as well as their layout on this website are bound to copyright law. The content of this website may not be copied, distributed, changed or given access to third persons. We will institute legal proceedings against any kind of disregard.

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