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About us

Founded in 1983 as cosmetics distributor BIOSWISS mainly imported various cosmetic products and – lines from European countries into West-Germany.

All imported products could be successfully implemented into the German retail market. However, the foreign products did not have special ingredients – there was nothing unique!

Out of this reason, the owner and founder who had knowledge and know-how in the cosmetic field since 1969 decided to get together with fist-class cosmetics experts in chemistry, research labs and a dermatology professor from the Humboldt-University Berlin in order to develop his own, very special cosmetic products under his brand


That was back in 1988. The first step was the development of unique hair depilatories and hair growth retardant products. This resulted in very efficient products with natural ingredients. (patented in the US in 1993, US-patent no. 5.271.942 and in Europe in 1994, EU-patent no. 0560809; after that the Japan-patent no. 2896932 followed).

Since 1994 the BIOSWISS-product portfolio was constantly extended and completed by:

  • various facial masks
  • visage-, and body-peeling products
  • efficient ampoule treatments
  • a full range high quality skin care line under the name


BIOSWISS products include:

  • precious and modern ingredients in a higher dose as:
    AHA/hyaluronic acid/skin repair and anti aging complexes/liposome, etc.
  • natural ingredients like:
    Algae extracts/royale jelly/honey/plant extracts/shea butter/precious natural oils / macadamia oil / ojoba oil / wheat germ oil / almond oil, etc.
  • no animal testing!
    Tests have been carried out on testing persons)
  • very high quality controls
  • dermatological tests of all BIOSWISS products carried out by independent laboratories and clinics.
  • manufactured according to GMP and the cosmetic directives of the following countries:
    • Swiss
    • Germany
    • Europe
    • United States of America

We could notify a success of this product strategy very soon. 3 years after the successful introduction of the new products BIOSWISS was present in many countries (in Europe / the Middle East and also in various Asian Countries).

Success means for BIOSWISS the daily challenge to excite her customers in the whole world !

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