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By virtue of its carefully formulated composition, this specialty cosmetics supports skin with fragile veins/capillaries.

Couperose Cream is applied lightly to the affected area in the evening after skin cleansing. Couperose Cream is being very quickly absorbed by the skin and thus develops its fine supportive effect. Afterwards, the appropriate skin care cream may be applied. In the morning, the Couperose Cream provides excellent support for the areas with Telangiectasia, protecting and covering, soothing and camouflaging.

All treatments or agents which help to stabilise connective tissue and which stimulate the general blood circulation in the skin can be recommended as supporting skin with fragile capillaries. From the phyto-therapeutic point of view, herbs, such as juniper, milfoil, cypress and lemon are supportive.

Skin types:
For all skin types

Content: 50ml For external use only !
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