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CLEANSING MILK is a mild, alkali-free cleansing emulsion based on components which have an affinity to the skin. Phospholipids occur alongside numerous other compounds in the sebum and therefore make an essential contribution to the physiology of the human skin. They have an outstanding dermatological tolerability and assist the natural coating which protects the skin from acids. Valuable BIOSTIMULINS obtained from young beech shoots noticeable increase the oxygen consumption of cells. AHAs counteract wrinkles and give the skin a silky-smooth structure.

Care instructions:
Every morning and evening, cleanse the face, neck and neckline with CLEANSING MILK using a cotton-wool pad. Remove with lukewarm water, and then remove the last traces with HYDRO TONIC LOTION.

Skin types:
For all skin types

Content: 200ml For external use only !
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