BIOSWISS Cosmetics offers a wide range of products to complement your daily beauty routine, bringing you well-being from your head to your toes. The appearance of those first lines is a definite sign that your skin urgently requires your full attention. Skin has to cope with a great deal in our modern world. Our environment, with inconveniences including fog, ozone, ultraviolet rays, smoking, stress and alcohol to name but these, has a negative influence on how our skin looks.

Signs of skin´s premature ageing include a lack of hydration, firmness and elasticity, as well as the early appearance of wrinkles. It is therefore vital to clean and care for your skin on a regular base. BIOSWISS has developed a skincare SYSTEM, comprising cosmetic products that combat external aggressions. The range goes by the name of ACTIVE CARE SYSTEM and HAIR - EPIL®.

All BIOSWISS products are dermatologically tested. They contain highly effective, modern substances. All our products are manufactured under Swiss formulas and undergo the most stringent quality controls.

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